Diamond is Forever – De Beers x Forevermark Forum 2021

A day well spend attending the 10th De Beers Forevermark Forum 2021 at J W Marriott Juhu, Mumbai

De Beers Forevermark held its 10th annual forum in Mumbai from 24th to 26th August 2021. Hosting a hybrid virtual and in-person event, the diamond brand reached over 8 lac partners, diamantaires, manufacturers and patrons

Sharing the key highlights of Forum 2021.

  • This yearโ€™s theme โ€˜Make Life Brilliantโ€™ reflects De Beersโ€™ purpose and belief that its diamonds have the power to Make Life Brilliant for its customers, communities, and the planet, from its commitment to Building Forever and its bold and ambitious 2030 sustainability goals to its timeless jewellery designs.
  • Adding to its portfolio of designs De Beers Forevermark launched its latest fine jewellery collection, Forevermark Avaanti. Embodying the spirit of possibility, inspiring the wearer to realise their power and make a lasting statement every day. The thirty-six stand-out pieces sweep around like a ripple, symbolising the start of something new.
  • Attendees at the forum were introduced to De Beersโ€™ new trusted source program, Code of Origin. In India, the Code of Origin program will cover a range of diamonds from 0.08 carats and below. Each piece of jewellery that is accompanied by a Code of Origin certificate provides the consumer with the assurance that the diamonds contained within it are natural and conflict-free, and were discovered by De Beers in Botswana, Canada, Namibia, or South Africa. The Code of Origin programme is currently running with a limited number of development partners ahead of it being scaled up in 2022.
  • Also announced during the event was the launch of Okavango Eternal, a strategic partnership between De Beers and National Geographic to address one of the most critical conservation challenges in Africa: protecting the source waters of the Okavango Delta and the lives and livelihoods they support.
Diamond is Forever | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: De Beers Forevermark

Marking its seventh edition, Forevermark unveiled its Trend Report for 2021.
As the consumer landscape undergoes significant change, a desire to invest in purchases that are meaningful and have enduring value, are more important than ever. Developed at Forevermarkโ€™s Design and Innovation Centre in Milan, four key themes have been identified to inspire and shape the desire for jewellery featuring natural diamonds in 2021

1. Diamond Rain
RAIN is an exhilarating source of inspiration and optimism during times of challenge and change.
Federica Imperiali, Head of New Product Development at Forevermark says โ€œ With its ability to refresh and revive, not to mention its ever-changing beauty, rain embodies our desire for new beginnings and clearer times. The strength, beauty and rarity of diamonds inspire us to look forward and forever. Together, these marvels of nature symbolise our hopes and dreams.โ€

Diamond is Forever | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: De Beers Forevermark

When translating rainโ€™s allure into diamond jewellery, the remarkable properties of diamonds such as their strength, natural beauty and rarity, inspires us to the desire for new beginnings and clearer times. Diamond cuts such as pears, marquise and squares are used to replicate the stunning fluid droplet and ripple movement from rain and to transform much-loved statement pieces in original ways to treasure forever.

2. Twist & Shine
Lifeโ€™s unexpected twists and turns can often be the catalyst for great new things. They teach us to be adaptable and agile, and to see opportunities in every outcome.

Diamond is Forever | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: De Beers Forevermark

This trend is about dynamism and surprise. Introduce silhouettes based on sculptural twists that thrill from every angle. A sweeping band of pavรฉ diamonds, or a striking solitaire. Asymmetric diamond clusters, or mixed cuts that build interest, and perspective to draw the eye.

3. World Tribe
World Tribe reflects the importance of meaningful connections and a sense of community during unprecedented times. From our immediate friends and family to humanity as a whole, we are one united tribe. On this global journey, we experience a renewed interest in traditions that celebrate belonging and diverse cultures.

Diamond is Forever | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: De Beers Forevermark

As inspiration for diamond jewellery, traditional patterns, motifs and symbols translate into designs that embrace visual codes of the worldโ€™s diverse cultures. The versatility of diamonds comes into play here, as different cuts โ€“ including baguette, pear and square can be arranged into bold geometries, tessellated elements and delicate tracery to create jewellery with enduring appeal.

4. Hear Me
As the coming-of-age of a new generation propels seismic shifts in society and ways of thinking have challenged.

Diamond is Forever | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: De Beers Forevermark

The shift towards jewellery with universal appeal marks the welcome arrival of a trend with more permanence than a temporary fad. โ€œHear Meโ€ is the statement behind self-expression and casts its focus directly on diamond earrings, not only as a category but as a symbol of our desire to be heard.

I had an incredible opportunity to experience the on-ground event. Let’s together MAKE LIFE BRILLIANT!!

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