In Focus – Common Mistakes While Buying A Diamond Solitaires

Diamonds are girls best friend, however, we are often faced with dilemmas when we set out to buy a solitaire. We all end up either being lead by misinformation or being too trusting of what is being sold. It’s time to be aware of some technical knowledge for your next purchase.

We all have been there, where we are so excited to buy diamonds, we most time are being fed misleading information and consume the same. While most of us may be buying through a traditional jewellery and trust him it doesn’t stop us from comparing the prices online or in the market.

We often land up questioning our self – Is the piece really worth the price difference I am paying for? Is my jewellery actually selling me such a good piece at a steal price? Well here are a few mistakes we make while buying diamonds.

  1. The number one mistake made is being misled on Cut quality. Unlike colour and clarity, the cut is difficult to define. Hence most times misinterpreted.
  2. When we are shown 2-3 options, it doesnโ€™t imply those are the best colour, Cut, Clarity available in the market. It simply means itโ€™s the best available with the jeweller at that point.
    Source: TheDiamondTalk
  3. Deeply cut diamonds are sold more commonly by jewellers as they are less expensive per carat and have hidden carat weight as opposed to width.
  4. Most jewellers carry fair and good cut diamonds as opposed to well cut as they less expensive, turn around to sales faster and cheaper to stock as inventory.
  5. It is difficult to spot the clarity and colour of the diamonds once its set. Avoid purchasing any diamond set as its easy to hide flaws in the setting.
  6. Avoid accepting a jewellers grade on colour. Insist on Color grading by GIA.
  7. When deciding on the colour of the diamond, decide the same basis GIA colour grading certificates. As different colors show differently in various cuts. So compare to the same cuts in two different colors, for example, two rounds colour G & H to understand the real colour you want.
  8. Ask to see the diamond in natural light as most often store lights are used to enhance the diamond.
  9. Always ask for the actual carat weight and price as most often the weight is rounded example 0.69 carat maybe described as 3/4th carat.
  10. Be careful while negotiating the price of the diamond. It is most often based on what the jeweller believes you can pay, so be aware.

Bare these few pointers in mind the next time you decide to buy a diamond solitaire!

Till then, keep shining ‘bright like a diamond!’

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