Vicenzaoro 2023: Discover More!

After a successful September Vicenzaoro Show, it was a pleasure to be a part of the January edition and DISCOVER MORE!

Vicenzaoro 2023 | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: Vicenzaoro

The best of Made in Italy production from the main manufacturing districts and international excellences presented new products, collection previews and launched the jewellery trends. The entire supply chain was present together with buyers, journalists and opinion leaders!Vicenzaoro 2023 | The Diamond Talk

The opening cocktail dinner was hosted by WOLF 1934 at Bisazza; which is one of the most authoritative luxury brands in the field of design and a world leader in the production of Glass Mosaics for interiors and exterior decoration. The Foundation has several large installations from prominent architects and designers as part of its constantly growing permanent collection.

Let me take you through a few of my discoveries.

Vicenzaoro 2023 | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: Serafino Consoli Jewelry

Innovation in Jewellery making!
 When it comes to jewellery, you cannot skip mentioning Italian jewellery. Not only is Italy a world leader in gold jewellery but also Italian craftsmen are famous for their unmatched skills and creativity. Serafino Consoli Jewelry has created a collection of extraordinary pieces of jewellery with incredible versatility, as they can adapt from the minimum to the maximum size; as far as twenty sizes in 18k gold with a simple movement.

It took more than 10 years of research, analysis and testing to achieve the perfect result; such a high degree of commitment deserves to be rightfully preserved by a patent, which is why the collection is named Brevetto – “patent” in Italian! Thanks to this innovation size does not matter!

Vicenzaoro 2023 | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: Fope

Next, I would like to introduce a flexible Flex’it bracelet by FOPE crafted in 18kt gold and Made in Italy. These bracelets don’t need clasps and can be easily rolled onto wrists. FOPE has applied this patented system to rings, necklaces and earrings to create beautiful, elegant and comfortable jewellery with a unique contemporary twist.
So who all want to flex’it?

Vicenzaoro 2023 | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: Fabergé

It was a delight to view the Fabergé x Game of Thrones High Jewellery Collection, created in collaboration with Michele Clapton, the Emmy® and BAFTA®-winning Game of Thrones Costume Designer. The first chapter: Dragon features five designs. The collection lifts design details from the dramatic sets, costumes, characters and the otherworldly landscape of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The presence of red which is also symbolic of Daeneyris’s fiery spirit has been brought into the collection via the use of deep red rubies responsibly sourced by Gemfields Montepuez mine in Mozbique.

Vicenzaoro 2023 | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: The Diamond Talk

Besides showcasing the best of Gems and Jewels from a show, I also love to focus on the other important elements such as machinery and packaging.

The journey of WOLF started with a simple concept to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality case. Over the years WOLF has grown into a global brand through their commitment to safeguarding priceless jewellery and timepieces in the best jewellery cases.

Vicenzaoro 2023 | The Diamond Talk
Image Credit: The Diamond Talk

I have been a great admirer of Antique and Vintage jewellery. Featured above are a few of my discoveries from the Vo Vintage!
1. Turquoise ring 1950a and David Webb coral ring 1970.
2. Victorian-era brooch.
3. Made In Italy; 1910/1920 brooch handcrafted in 18kt gold with miniature enamel and natural pearls. This brooch was used as a Pills Holder.

Chain Reaction!
Italian Chains are rooted in a rich tradition of Italian jewellery history, and in the early century, the Italian goldsmith handcrafted different types and varieties of chains. However, with the advancement in innovation, technology and infrastructure; machines have taken over chain-making procedure resulting in improved production with highly detailed geometries.

At Vicenzaoro T.Gold, the International Show for machinery; I saw a machine used for making chains and alternate chains by Stilmec.
Watch the entire video to view the procedure. “The wire passes through the machine and is cut depending on the design. Then the rings are formed and soldered to make the chains.”
Amazing, isn’t it?

Vicenzaoro January 2023 was a record-breaking edition!

New products and trends along with information, education, and networking to meet the needs of a community that has made Vicenzaoro its reference point!
 I look forward to the September edition!

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